What Happened to Happy Days?

The Deflation Times - What Happened to Happy Days?

When I was a kid the best TV show was Happy Days, starring a Jewish guy who played an Italian guy who could get all the girls just by banging on a bathroom door. Ok, whatever. But still childhood fantasy. Then when I was a little older the best TV shows were about nothing and about a group of friends who lived in amazing apartments. Now the best TV shows (and they really are the best) are about meth dealers who kill people, ugly mafiosos in NJ, and a guy who sells ads who cheats on his wife and lies to everyone else. Oh, and now a show about a guy who throws a pretty girl in front of a subway and then becomes President of the United States (uhh, should I have said spoiler alert?). The scary thing about the last show is the number of people who are now saying, yeah, that is how it really is.

James Altucher – What Happened to All the Laughter?

By Mario Daurte.
Cover photo: Wikimedia.