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I don’t know how much you follow current events. For some, there’s not enough time to keep up on what’s happening; for others, the news is too depressing, and peering too deeply fills one with boiling frustration all too quickly.

Henry Rollins

COVID-19: Current Worldwide Status

Worldwide Confirmed Cases

Worldwide Confirmed Deaths

Worldwide Case Fatality Rate

Worldwide Doubling Time

Worldwide Crude Confirmed Case Rate + Worldwide Crude Fatality Rate

Worldwide case fatality rate is at 3.51. Worldwide doubling time is now at 47 days. Worldwide confirmed cases and worldwide confirmed deaths continue to rise. The spread of COVID-19 continues.

Data Sources: Our World In Data. COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). Worldometer.


Social mood governs people’s behavior.

Behaviour on the streets around the world reflects a worldwide negative social mood.

Frustrated. Impatient. Intolerant. Irritable. Restless. Belligerent. Abusive. Hostile. Aggressive. Threatening. Antagonistic.

See for yourself:

Worldwide: Protesters, Tired of Coronavirus Lockdowns, Take to the Streets:

Germany: Robert F. Kennedy Jr – Historic Speech in Berlin:

Australia: Coronavirus – Pregnant Woman Arrested Over Anti-Lockdown Facebook Post:

Israel: Thousands of Israelis Protest Outside PM Netanyahu’s Jerusalem Home As Summer-Long Protests Continue:

Latin America: COVID-19 in Latin America: Medic Protest Work Conditions:

England: Demonstrators Rally in London to Protest Against COVID-19 Lockdown Measures:

India: Farmers Union in Amritsar Protests Against Covid-19 Testing:

Germany: Coronavirus: Thousands Protest Against COVID-19 Measures in Berlin:

Germany: Live: Thousands Rally Against Covid-19 Restrictions in Berlin After Ban Overturned:

Germany: Riot Police Detain Dozens at Anti-Covid Measures Protest in Berlin:

Australia: Coronavirus: Anti-Lockdown Protesters Revolt Amid Restriction Uncertainty:

Australia: Police in Melbourne Display ‘Disturbing And Over The Top’ Enforcing of ‘Dumb Law’:

Australia: Australia’s Spirits Have ‘Been Crushed’ By Its Covid-19 Response: Alan Jones:

Australia: Is There a Politician ‘With The Spine To Tell The Truth’ On Covid-19: Alan Jones:

Australia: Coronavirus Anti-Lockdown Protest, Sydney Peak Hour Commuter Cases:

Switzerland: Protesters Against Covid Measures Flood Zurich:

Germany: Berlin Police Try to Shut Down Protest Against Coronavirus Restrictions:

France: Hundreds Join Anti-Facemask Protest in Paris:

Uganda: Truck Drivers Protest Repeat Covid-19 Testing on the Uganda Side:

United States: Opponents of Oahu Lockdown Order Protest Outside Honolulu Hale:

United States: Protests Increasing Against Pandemic Restrictions:

United States: Dozens Protest Outside CT Governor’s Home After Covid Emergency Order Extension:

United States: Flu Vaccine Protests in Boston:

Australia: Victoria Police Double-Down on Pregnant Woman Arrest:

Australia: Statistics Show Alarming Elderly Assault Rates in WA:

Ireland: Dolores Cahill – Time for Change Protest Dublin:

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