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I was raised in the Depression, when there was a great sense of dog-eat-dog and people fighting over scraps.

John Updike

COVID-19: Current Worldwide Status

Worldwide Confirmed Cases

Worldwide Confirmed Deaths

Worldwide Case Fatality Rate

Worldwide Doubling Time

Worldwide Crude Confirmed Case Rate + Worldwide Crude Fatality Rate

Worldwide case fatality rate is at 3.22. Worldwide doubling time is now at 55 days. Worldwide confirmed cases and worldwide confirmed deaths continue to rise. The spread of COVID-19 continues.

Data Sources: Our World In Data. COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). Worldometer.

SOCIAL MOOD: Depressed

The economy governs people’s behavior.

Homelessness around the world reflects a worldwide economic disaster.

See for yourself:

CHS Homeless Solutions – Tony Borges:

The Grand Challenge to End Homelessness: A Broad View of the Challenges and Solutions:

Homeless Not Hopeless: Real Solutions for this Growing Problem:

LA Currents: Homeless Housing Solutions in CD9 (10m):

Indoor Tiny House Village Proposed For Homeless:

Toy Councillors Want to Fine Homeless to Help Ease Covid Concerns:

“Homeless in London, Life on the Streets” The Myths About Homelessness Help and Hope for Homeless:

Homelessness Increases in Sao Paulo Due to Pandemic:

Immigrants Housed Before Homeless:

Homeless People Living on Footpath in Christchurch NZ:

The ‘Armies’ of the Road: A Homelessness Crisis Historically Defensible Claim:

The UK’s Serious Homelessness Crisis:

Homeless in Hotels: Mayor Blasted Over Decision to Relocate Unhoused:

Trash, Rats and Disease Cover Homeless Encampments in LA:

Homeless Encampment Residents Say They’re Not Leaving as Eviction Deadline Looms:

As Homeless Spike on Upper West Side, Residents Consider Suing NYC:

Thousands Homeless After Greek Migrant Camp Fire:

Homeless Problem Growing in Chelsea:

San Jose Residents Dismayed by Homeless Camp, Illegal Dumpsite on Railroad Property:

A Man Handed This Homeless Woman $283 – Then Secretly Filmed What She Bought with the Money:

Homeless Camp Cleanup in SLC Brings Protests and Unrest:

Day 2 of Violent Protests and Tense Homeless Sweeps in Downtown Denver:

More Homeless People are on the Streets of Maricopa County Than in Shelters:

NYC Faces Challenges in Helping Homelessness Fueled By Pandemic:

The Sanctioned Homeless Camp at The Denver Coliseum is not Happening:

State Sees Increase in Calls for Homeless Outreach on Oahu:

Anchorage Homeless Society Lifestyle:

Homeless Population Grows at Abandoned North Fort Myers Shopping Plaza:

Coronavirus Sparks Surge in Homelessness from the US to Africa | Covid Update:

Short Film Shows Life Inside Vancouver’s Homeless Camp:

5 Investigates: Lots to Aid Homeless, Substance Users Become Open-Air Drug Markets:

Hungry For Hope – Homeless Pandemic:

New Homeless Camp Pops Up in Old Strathcona:

On The Streets: Homeless Crisis in Los Angeles:

Trash, Safety and Homelessness: The Complicated World of Brookmeade Park:

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